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Chemical nature Based on co-polymeric compound.
Physical appearance Thick white paste.
pH 6.5 to7.5
Printability Excellent being very smooth paste.
Stability Good. Should be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight.
Handling Non Hazardous


  • Water based Textile printing inks for table printing
  • User Friendly & Ecofriendly printing inks.
  • Water based printing inks, Non PVC, pthalate free, heavy metals free.
  • Excellent stretchability.
  • Optimum fastness properties to meet export parameters.
  • No screen chocking
  • SYNTHOCRAFT – TG is available in different shades like white,Black,Red etc. Also colour base is available for preparing shades as per requirement of the printer

  • Applications

    SYNTHOCRAFT - TG Paste can be applied by screen printing method. This is ready to use product in Eleven different colours and white with supporting products like Gel, Foil gel , Glitter gel, Flock gel etc These coloured pastes can be mixed with each other or with white in any proportion to adjust shades as per requirement. Curing : After printing the prints are dried and cured at temp 150 0C to 160 0 C for 3 minutes. Then the prints are subjected to fusing.


    Non Pvc Table

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