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Chemical nature Based on co-polymeric compound.
Physical appearance Soft paste.
pH 8 TO 8.5
Solids 45% ± 2%
Printability Excellent being very smooth paste.
Stability Good. Should be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight.
Handling Non-Hazardous


  • SYNTHO DISCHARGE CLEAR (REG) gives good discharging effect on dark grounds.
  • SYNTHO DISCHARGE CLEAR (REG) is user friendly, suitable to print on semi automatic & fully automatic machines without any problem.
  • SYNTHO DISCHARGE CLEAR (REG) gives very high fastness & stretching .

  • Applications

  • SYNTHO DISCHARGE CLEAR (REG) is applied by screen printing.
  • SYNTHO DISCHARGE CLEAR (REG) is mixed with required pigment quantity & ACTIVATOR REG --- 6% on the total weight basis. It is mixed properly & kept for 20 minutes.
  • The mixture is active for 3 hours time duration, after which fresh mixture has to be prepared.
  • After printing it is dried & cured at 160°C for 3 minutes. An Excellent discharge effect is achieved with very bright colours & very soft feel.
  • PACKING - 20 Kgs HDPE Plastic carboys.

    ( This information is given in good faith , without warranty as the conditions of use are beyond our control. We recommend to test check before bulk use)


    Synho Discharge Clear

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