Dyeing Agents

Antifoam Agent / Defoaming Agent / Defoamer

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(A powerful defoamer)

Chemical nature Dimethyl poly siloxane
Physical appearance Milky white emulsion
pH Acidic
Solubility Easily dispersible in water
Stability Good and stable to hard water
Storage Containers should be kept away from direct sunlight
Should not be kept open when not in use
Handling Non hazardous



SYNTHO - D- FOAM is suitable for wide range of industrial batch processing applications. These include :-

  • Can be used at different stages of textile processing like scouring, bleaching, kier boiling, desizing, finishing & general soaping.
  • Can be used 1GPL to 3 GPL depending on end requirement.
  • Some of the applications, in other industries include:

  • Can be used for cleaning of floors, windows, linoleum, baths & wash basins
  • Can be used for cleaning kitchen equipments
  • Used for washing metal sheets especially to remove oil & grease
  • Used for de-greasing & assistant for dyeing & tanning in leather processing


  • 50 Kg. HDPE Plastic Carboys.
  • (This information is given in good faith, without warranty as the conditions of use are beyond our control.)


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